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Dome Tents

A Dome tent:

  • anodized aluminium structure with 45 mm profile, support diameter: 18 cm
  • waterproof tent planking made of 220 g/m2 polyester fabric
  • 15 steel anchors with 7 mm diameter, 50 cm long
  • 15 screws to fix the tent on hard surface
  • a set of 5 extraction tapes with torsional anchors
  • a hammer, a wrench to screw screws
  • a transport bag with built-in wheels
  • roof and wall covers
  • highly resistant to adverse weather conditions due to the stable, aluminium structure resistant to wind gusts up to 100 km/h
  • increased functional space due to eliminating spans and cords
  • the set includes anchors, extraction cords, expander nails and water ballasts
  • the roof and walls are manufactured from waterproof polyester fabric available in 20 colours with any advertising print

Technical details:

  • weight: approx. 90 kg
  • transport dimensions of chest: 47 x 71×134 cm
  • height with the additional cover: 336 cm.
  • indoor height: a maximum of 282 cm
  • entrance height: 223 cm.
  • entrance width: a maximum of 290 cm
  • diagonal length: 495 cm
  • length from the support to the central point of the wall: 470 cm
  • assembly time: approx. 30 minutes
  • surface needed to mount: 495 x 470 cm