While deciding to establish a company in 1992 we first and foremost concentrated on a fully professional approach to the products we offer, but also to the issue of customer satisfaction. Integrity and loyalty are our top priorities. Taking these aspects into account we selected the company’s offer very carefully so that it can meet the expectations of our customers.

Advertising is a very broad concept. Therefore, our company decided to choose a particular area of it. Being aware that developing a remarkable and durable product is the key to success as well as professional service of a certain group of customers, we strive for perfection in every possible aspect every day. Since the company was founded we have been trying to expand our offer with more and more products and technological solutions. Before we introduce a product to the market we carry out thorough testing and collect opinions about it.

We try to meet our customers’ expectations; therefore, we have developed a company with a well-established position on the market. We are aware that both pre-sales and post-sales service is of utmost importance. We would like our business partners to know that they are the most important issue for us.

Tent Grupa - Producent bram, ram, namiotów, balonów reklamowych

Our offer

Tent Group specializes in manufacturing pneumatic advertising media.

Our product range includes advertising balloons, pneumatic gates, pneumatic tents, advertising pillars, windymen, recreational instruments, but also other, non-pneumatic advertising products such as roll-up stands or large scale printouts. Such broad range of products gives us an interesting offer and allows for providing comprehensive services for customers who organise advertising campaigns.


Our company’s policy provides for a continuously rising level of our services

We feel unique being able to support our customers’ advertising campaigns, because they have trusted us and we cannot fail the trust. We do everything we can to improve our products and make them as technologically advanced as possible. We are looking for new solutions, materials and new applications for our products to meet the expectations of our present and future customers.