28As part of the completed project, ‘Development of the company’s potential through implementation of an innovative offer on the advertisement media market’ Tent Group sp. z o.o. has purchased Epson SureColor SC-S70610 large-scale printer. SureColor SC-S70610 is Epson’s first 8- and 10-colour large-scale visual advertisement printer that offers orange, light grey, white and metallic inks. It was designed for companies that require maximum quality and flexibility in use. The combination of very high quality operation, a very broad range of colours, flexibility and efficiency allows the printer to print everything: from exhibition stand decorations, rollups, posters, banners, textiles, ceiling panels and materials exhibited in points of sale to vehicle wraps, wallpapers and labels. It efficiency is additionally enhanced by ergonomic solutions that allow to work with shorter downtime periods and optimise consumption of materials. We look forward to cooperating with you!