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New products in Ultra Magic offer

New products in Ultra Magic offer

New products in Ultra Magic offer


Ultra light traveller balloon package
– ultra lightweight cover 50,000 cu ft, (1420 m3) Tekno 50 – less than 50 kg, including the bag.

– Tekno L basket weighs less than 35 kg and can fit 2 persons and gas cylinders

– Ultramagic 50 package includes an innovative POWERPLUS burner manufactured by Ultramagic and designed by Paolo Bonanno.

– a special padded bag for Tekno basket and POWERPLUS burner is also available.

– Tekno system – POWERPLUS burner and basket are available with a special lightweight cover in various shapes and dimensions.


Lightweight and convenient in transport after folding! With reference to the record-breaking sales of the extremely successful Tekno 50 series we have the pleasure to introduce the lighter version of balloon travel package: Tekno 70.
– ultra lightweight 70,000 cu ft, (2000 m3) Tekno 70 cover weighs less than 70 kg, with very lightweight and resistant fabric – Ultralite.

– Tekno L basket weighs less than 50 kg and can fit 4 persons, offers new openings/steps and more convenient handles

– various options of burners are available: Powerplus or MK21 in single or double configuration

– the option of quick disassembly of the burner from the external frame allows to pack the burner frame together with the basket or separately

– the unique Tekno system protects the external container. The standard option allows to mount the cylinder outside.

– option of padding Tekno L basket and burner bag

– Tekno L baskets are also available with 50,000 cu ft to 105,000 cu ft cover.

Powerplus Sport 008 burner

The unique burner system combines its basic function with silent operation in a single valve, which offers great power without unnecessary additional load. The ultra compact single PowerPlus Sport burner weighs only 14 kg together with the frame and cord. Consequently, it has the highest power to weight ratio amidst all burners manufactured in the world. At the same time, it produces a silent and effective flame. Operation of the main valve gives the opportunity of independent control of the burner’s main part with only one phase switched on. However, with the burner active on the second level, the burner produces additional power – PowerPlus Sport.

The silent burner might be switched on independently, using a separate valve located under the main valve. The double burner PowerPlus system offers everything a user might need. The single PowerPlus Sport is an option in UltraMagic from 25 000 to 120 000 feet capacity balloons, whereas the double PowerPlus offers 56 000 to 210 000 feet capacity.