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Year 2015

Gordon Benet Cup competition

This year, Kurt Frieden and Pascal Witprächtiger from Switzerland won the most important trophy of the 59th Gordon Bennett Cup Race. The Polish team – Krzysztof Zapart and Bazyli Dawidziuk finally came fifth and set the new Polish record in flight length.

Gordon Bennett Cup hot air balloon race is the most prestigious event in the world of its kind – it has the status of the World’s championship. The race consists in covering the longest possible distance from the starting point. In this year’s edition of the race the balloons took off in Pau town in France. The wind direction made sixteen of the two-man teams (including two teams from Poland) flew to the East. The competition ended in our country.

A Swiss team won the Gordon Bennett Cup by landing near Dabrowa Bialostocka near the Eastern border of Poland, after covering 2080.79 km. The German team, Wilhelm Eimers and Matthias Zenge came second. They landed near Reszkowice, south of Dabrowa Bialostocka, covering the distance of 2071.62 km. The other team of Switzerland, Nicolas Tieche and Laurent Sciboz came third. The Swiss landed near Suwalki, after covering 2067.75 km. The Spanish team, Anulfo González and Angel Aguirre, which was the favourite and lead the competition in the first part of the race, finally came fourth after covering 2056.26 km. The Spaniards landed near Gorodzisk and Borysowka in Eastern Poland. The American team, Cheri White and Mark Sullivan came sixth near Ostrow Mazowiecka after covering 1937.50 km.

We had the pleasure to welcome two of the international teams – the German and American one – in our company.

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VI Międzynarodowy Festiwalu Balonowy o Memoriał Kurta Hummela

4th Kurt Hummel Memorial – an International Balloon Festival.

The 4th edition of the Kurt Hummel Memorial – an International Balloon Festival has finished. This year it was the greatest hot air balloon event in Poland again. The organised competition included 44 pilots representing hot air balloons from Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Columbia and the Czech Republic.
There were also parachutists from Denmark and Sweden. Aside from recreational flights, the competition included a “Fox chase”. The team of Krzysztof Rekas flying a replica of the Montgolfier brothers’ balloon was the fox. Mariusz Mozol from Warsaw had the highest total score. The team Ralph Hanschke (Germany) came second. Andrzej Cwikla of Bialystok (Tent Group) came third.
The event was very warmly received by the audience in Szczecinek, which participated in all of the afternoon competitions.

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39. Bieg Piastów 2015

39th Bieg Piastow (Piast Race) 2015

The greatest mass ski pole in Poland brings together several thousand people in Jakuszyce each year. Skiing fiends from three continents (more than 6 thousand of participants from 27 countries) came to the start line of the 39th Bieg Piastow. Professionals and amateurs participated in 15 competitions from February 27th to March 1st. Approximately 2 thousand racers participated in the Saturday 51 km race.

Our company’s advertising media (pneumatic gates, start pillar, pneumatic stage, pneumatic balloons and others) have been an indispensable element of skiing routes during this event. It is clear that they are a perfect solution for such type of outdoor events.

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Targi RemaDays 2015

RemaDays 2015 Fair

We have participated in the greatest advertising and printing fair in Central Europe – RemaDays 2015. We thank you for your numerous visits to our stand and your interest in our product range.

The eleventh edition of the Fair was particularly successful for us. Due to our customers’ support we managed to get to the podium again in the industry’s competition: the Advertising Crown in Out&Indoor category. It is an extremely important award for us. It is a proof of our efforts and compliance with highest product quality standards. Thank you for trusting us!

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