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Balloon races

Balloon races

18th hot air balloon European Championship in Wloclawek, September 6th-14th 2013.

18th hot air balloon championship took place in Wloclawek from September 6th to 14th 2013. 81 teams from 25 European countries participated. Pilot Carles Llado – a representative of Ultra Magic balloons has presented himself very well. He was using “The Racer – by UltraMagic” balloon. The other participants flying “The Racer – by UltraMagic” balloons included:

  • David Bareford (English) – multiple European champion;
  • Stefan Zeberli (Swiss) – current European champion;
  • Uwe Schneider (German) – multiple World and European champion;
  • Litwin, Rimas Kostuskevicius – mistrz Litwy;
  • Rokas Kostuskevicius (Lithuanian).

4th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Szczecinek, 2013. 

The event included a total of 27 hot air balloon teams. 6 parachutists and 1 paraglider did 4 flights, a night show and several jumps. The guests came to us from 5 European countries: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Bulgaria. The Festival’s 4th edition will be remembered as an exceptional one given the number of flights, but also the diversity of the flying balloons. Amidst the typical hot air balloons most frequently seen on European skies we could admire a distinctive American balloon with a round windbreaker around the burner (pilot: Günter Herring), an exceptionally large balloon able to transport 9 persons at the same time (pilot: Karsten Funk) and non-standard shape balloons (a bottle of beer with Klaus Weisgerber as a pilot and a Brandenburg Gate with Marcus Strauf on board).

8th International Tent Group Cup Hot Air Balloon competition in Bialystok, June 21st-23rd 2007.

On June 21st-23rd 2008 International Tent Group Cup Hot Air Balloon competition was held. The competition took place during the Bialystok Days, highlighting the event.

The inhabitants of Bialystok had the opportunity to participate in an Aviation Picnic that was organised on Saturday, June 23rd at the Krywlany Airport. Balloon competitions were held in the evening hours.